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Computer SoftwareSoftware4me was established in 1998 to provide a resource for inexpensive and freeware software. Initially the software titles were primarily web-based but in 2007 we expanded into the games market by also producing games for the Windows PC.

Today we produce digital products for a variety of target platforms, from PC and tablets to web-browsers and Kindle App's. We specialize in the unique and producing less expensive alternatives. "Top Of The Range" software usually comes with a similar price tag however these titles often offer features which are not required, and can on occasions make the software that much harder to use.

If you are struggling to locate software specific to your needs or price, why not talk to us to see if we can help. We specialize in game creation, help manuals, documentation and web-based applications using PHP/MySQL, such as Auto responder software, Mailing List Managers, Global High Systems for games.

We also supply a number of free games, resources for making games as well as provide extensive tutorials for budding game authors. These are supplied on a "not for profit" basis mostly thanks to voluntary donations If you found a tutorial or resource package particularly useful you can decide yourself its value by making a donation.

All Donations go towards server hosting costs, creating un-sponsored freeware titles, supplying Royalty Free resources and creating additional tutorials.

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