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About Software4me

Software4me aims to offer games you can play free gratis without sign-up or membership. Your donation can help us to achieve that aim to not only provide games and software but also to create them.

Some titles are also available for you to play on-line, allowing you to test them out before deciding whether to download them. For those interested in creating their own games and software, there are also utilities and resources available for download, many of which may be used Royalty Free.

All our software is Guaranteed virus and spyware free. No additional products, such as toolbars or virus scans, are bundled with them. Plus, since most tiles are offered free, there is no registration or membership requirement. You do not even need a Google Play account to download the Android versions; how cool is that!


Frequently Asked Questions

Our PC games are primarily designed for the Windows OS. They should happily run on most supported Windows versions without the need for specialist hardware (such as high-end graphics cards or controllers). Our Andriod versions are similarly designed for low-end devices and our Browser versions for the most common web-browsers, but there will undobtedly be differences. To that extent we have complied a list of frequently asked questions regarding this site and our games.

Are your games truely free or just offered free?
Our games may be downloaded or played online without obligation, although the term FREE is subjective; very little is completely free nowadays. There will be electricity and internet access costs (possibly Data charges if on mobile) but we do not benefit from these.
Can I play a Windows game on my Linux machine running Wine?
Whilst the latest version of Wine does a fine job of emmulating the Windows platform, there will likely be issues, not least of all that of performance. Whilst we endevour to target low-end systems in order to maximise the reach, there is still no guarentee our games for Windows will operate as intended.
Why can't I get your games on Google Play?
There are hundereds of thousands of apps on the Google Play Store and since Google is essentially an advertising agent, it makes sense for them to focus on products which yeild them the best return. Similary it makes no sense to pay them to promote a free product, or indeed allow them to know what Apps an account holder has installed.
Will you be creating versions for Linux?
Sadly we do not currently have access to a suitable Linux PC with which to test, tweek and generaly tailor them to suit functionality differences.
What about iPhones?
This is a similar reply to the one above. Whilst it is possible to comple for iOS, without access to a comparible iOS device it is not possible to test and tweek them to suit.
How do I install a game on my Phone?
The simplest way is to download it directly onto your phone. (It can usually be found in the Download or downloads folder.) Alternatively you can download it to a PC and connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable. You can then use the file explorer on the PC to send it to (copy it to) the download folder on your phone.
How do I know if the game will be suitable for my phone?
The short answer is: try it and see and simply uninstall if it doesn't. There are simply too many modles with differing resolutions and screen sizes to offer a compatible device list. Whilst the games will attempt to resize to fit in an endevour to preserve the aspect ratio, some screens may show black bars at the side or top. Until manufacturers form a concensus on standards, this simply cannot be avoided.
I am running WindowsXP, will this be a problem?
Microsoft officially ended support for WindowsXP in April 2014. Of more concern is posibly the graphics cards, handlers and drivers. Games rely heavily on graphics manipilation and these graphics handlers rely upon up-to-date drivers in order to communicate with the Operating System. Modern graphics cards are unlikely to have compatible drivers and thus unlikely to resolve any issues.
I played an on-line game but it didn't save my score.
Your Web-Browser's security settinga are most likely set to delete collected data on exit. Browser games are perhaps the most restrictive and these browser settings cannot be overriden. The stricter the settings the more secure they are, but the increased security invariably comes at a cost of functionality.
When I tried to play an on-line game I just got a black screen.
There can be any number of reasons for this although the most likely is your web-browser is not compatible which you can often remidy by using a different one. Although these are termed on-line games, they are in fact played locally by the browser. It has to download (and decompress) data before it has anything to show, thus the reason for the black screen initially. Browsers that encounter an issue stumble at this point, resulting in nothing being shown.

Hopfully these questions may go a long way to answeing any questions or concerns you may have regading this site or the games we offer. If not, you can use the Contact Us link to let us know of any problems or issues you might have regaring any of our offerings.

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