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Boxie Match

Boxie Match

Can you get your name into the hall of fame of this excitting new match2 memory puzzle game? Select two boxes to swap them and examine their contents.

Some items you need to collect whilst others you need to avoid matching or they may cost you dearly. The more items you match the faster you can clear the play field and the greater the score.

Boxie Match is free to play, contains no in-App purchases and no advertisments. so it's safe for all the family to enjoy.

It's harvest time and eveyone at Boxie Fruits is busy sorting the freshly harvested fruit, processing orders and dispatching the consignments. Your task is simply to match the fruit to get the required amount of each type for each order.

Boxie Fruits values its employees and allows them to take a break in the canteen at any time but if you have other commitments you can save your progress and come back later - your job is safe. (Boxie Fruits is also an equal opertunites employer).

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