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Windows Games » WonderWorm

Wonder Worm is based on the classic Windows Snake Game. Eat the fruit to grow your body but avoid solid obstacles like walls and trees or running into yourself. The exit is unblocked when all the fruit is eaten.

Windows Games » Brick Maker

The Brick Maker is a Bubble Puzzle type game where you fire an object up to cause matching ones to fall. The objective is to collect sufficient clay sacks to create blocks for the construction workers.

Windows Games » Mole Madness

Mole Madness is based upon the classic 'Whack a Mole' game. Simply click on a mole when it appears to whack it back into its hole, but be quick for the do not show for long.

Mole Madness is both simple yet addictive, but better yet it is FREE.

Windows Games » Pyramid Collapse

Untold riches await the intrepid explorer of the pyramid in this Egyptian themed game. Do you have what it takes to solve its collapse and Hidden Object Puzzles to gain access to its many secret chambers?

Pyramid Collapse contains several puzzle type games to keep you amused for hours, collapse, hidden object and match2 to name but a few.

Windows Games » The Vortex

This is a Free Match3 type game for Windows containing lots of ever challenging levels to give hours of fun at zero cost.

The Vortex is spewing out items and causing abnormal weather patterns to emerge. By matching 3 or more items the same horizontally or vertically you can send them back from whence they come before the weather turns against you.

Windows Games » Slide Puzzle for Windows

Based upon the classic sliding block game, Slide Puzzle creates puzzles by splitting up pictures into uniform pieces and randomly shuffling them for you to reconstruct. Ideal when waiting for a bus or train, or simply to pass the time with.

Windows Games » Boxie Match

BoxieMatch is an exciting new match2 / memory puzzle game? Select two boxes to swap them and examine their contents. Some items you need to collect whilst others you need to avoid. The more items you match the greater the score.

Windows Games » ShuffleBomb2

If you like Match 3 type puzzle games we think you will LOVE this match 3 game, ShuffleBomb2.

The object is to match 3 or more of the same item in a row across or down to remove them from the play field. Clearing the play field allows you to progress to the next level. ShuffleBomb2 contains hundreds of challenging levels which become progressively harder so it is suitable for all ages. The controls could not be simpler; the mouse moves the mouse pointer and the left button selects an item.
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