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Mole Madness

Mole Madness

Based upon the classic 'Whack a Mole' game, Mole Madness is both simple yet addictive. It is easy to play and is available for Windows, Android and it can also be played Online should you wish to try it first.

Relieve the frustrations of the day by 'Whacking' a few troublesome moles with this silly yet entertaining game from Software4me. Great for passing the time on a train or bus, or even whilst waiting for that all important call or Zoom meeting to begin.

Mole Madness is 100% free, contains no advertisements or in-app purchases so it is safe for all the family to play. You can play online or download versions for Windows or Android from the links below.

Windows Download
Download MoleMadness for Windows
Android Download
Download MoleMadness for Android
Play Online
Play MoleMadness Online
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