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Software4me Privacy Policy

Software4me take the security and privacy of any information you supply seriously, and are committed to safeguarding your privacy online. Information you supply (such as when contacting us) is not publicly viewable or passed on to 3rd parties. Similarly, we do not pass on any sort of tracking information to third party vendors.

Membership may be required to access certain parts of this web site however personal information is kept to a minimum. Whilst usernames may be publicly viewable, they need not be be your real name but other personal identifiable information (such as passwords and contact email addresses) are encrypted, kept private and not passed on to third party vendors.

Software4me does not operate mailing list or subscription plans.


A computer cookie is essentially a small text file containing a unique ID tag, usually created by a web site and stored by the browser on the users computer. Although described as being in plain text, they are formatted and stored by the browser, making them almost meaningless to other applications and decoding them generally makes little sense. A cookie is stored against an identifier the browser creates and typically contains the following:

Cookie Name, Value, Expiry date

There are two types of cookies: temporary and permanent. Temporary cookies have no expiry date set and as the name suggests, are stored temporarily by your browser and (usually) deleted when the browser is closed. Permanent cookies have an expiry date and remain (unless manually cleared) until the expiry date is exceeded.

Session Cookies

These temporary cookies have no expiry date and as such become deleted when the browser is closed. A session cookie basically contains a value which corresponds to a browsing session on a specific web site. Web sites can use these to send a session ID instead of sending raw data back and forth, thus offering better secuity. These Session Cookins are often regarded as essential and although they can still be rejected (by setting the browser to reject all cookies) usability will suffer and not all functionality may be available.

Preference Cookies

Technology advancements, security and legislation have all but rendered these obsolete. Their aim was to store user preferences to avoid them having to re-input information the next time they visited that web site. Nowadays it is more common for sites offering user preferences store such details on their servers and allow users to register and create a unique login account.

3rd Party Cookies

These are generally provided by and/or for advertisers to enable them to 'better understand their audience in order to provide quality services', which in adds-speak means, deliver targeted adds. Search engines (such a Google, Bing etc.) provide advertisers with anonymous data based upon search criteria which, in theory, enables advertisements to be targeted to specific interests.

Anti-Spam Policy


It is not our intention to send unsolicited mail to any party who has not explicitly expressed an interest in receiving mail from us. By contacting us you are agreeing to accept mail from Software4me by way of a reply and thus these mailings are not classed as unsolicited (SPAM). When contacting us a confirmation email is sent to help ensure the request is genuine and the IP address logged for compliance.

We take responcible measures to guard against SPAM or Email abuse. Further to that, no data collected is stored locally on this server and, even if compromised and somehow decrypted, would be of no real value.

Software4me use Secure 3rd Party Gateways for anything of a financial nature.

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