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Windows Games

Windows™ Games

This is a collection of games which can be played on the Widows platform.

Some games come with an installer to allow easy 'one-click' installation (and also uninstall) which can trigger some Anti-virus software to issue a warning. Rest assured that these false positive alerts are simply warnings, usually by overzealous Anti-Virus software which considers any software not digitally signed by a known authority to be a potential threat. Rest assured that all our software is Guaranteed virus and spyware free with nothing bundled with them.

The Vortex Puzzle Game

The Vortex Match3 Game

This is a 100% Free FULL GAME for Windows containing lots of ever challenging levels to give hours of fun at zero cost. This is a not a cut-down or Trial version. There are NO In-App items to purchase and No Advertisement Screens so it is suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

The Vortex is spewing out items and causing abnormal weather patterns to emerge. By matching 3 or more items the same horizontally or vertically you can send them back from whence they come before the weather turns against you.

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Slide Puzzle

Slide Puzzle

Slide Puzzle is a free puzzle game based upon the classic block sliding game. It is available for Windows and Android devices and can also be played Online.

Simply slide a piece into an adjacent empty square to unscramble and reconstruct the picture using the fewest moves. (Touchscreen compatible)

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Mole Madness

Mole Madness

Bring the classic 'Whack A Mole' game back to life with this free fun game. It is simple to play and is avalable for Windows, Android and it can also be played Online should you wish to try it first.

Relieve the frustrations of the day by 'Whacking' a few troublesom moles with this silly yet entertaining game from Software4me; it can be quite addictive.

Great for passing the time on a train or bus, or even whilst waiting that all imprtant call or Zoom meeting. (Touchscreen compatible)

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WonderWorm Game

Wonder Worm

This is an addaption of the clasic snake game where the more fruit your worm eats, the more it grows, but be careful to avoid obsticals or running into yourself.

Note: Due to platform restraints, this is currently a Windows Only game.

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Brick Maker

Brick Maker

The Brick Maker is a free Bubble Puzzle game where you much match the clay sacks to make building blocks for the construction workers. The more sacks you match the quicker you can fulfill the order, but be sure to do so before the end of your shift.

This game is primarilly for Windows although an Online version is available.

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