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Wonder Worm takes the classic Windows snake game to the next level. Eat the fruit to grow your worm and unlock the exit but avoid obstacles likewalls and trees or running into yourself. Scorpions and Rats will eat you if they can, but you can thwart them by throwing fireballs at them.

Wonder Worm is based on the classic Windows Snake Game. Eat the fruit to grow your body but avoid solid obstacles like walls and trees or running into yourself. The exit is unblocked when all the fruit is eaten.

Wonder Worm has 7 worlds to explore, each of which contains several levels. The first world has 5 simple levels; they can be used as practice levels or skipped to play the game for real. Completing the last level in each world gives access to a bonus level and also unlocks the levels in the next world.

Note: This game requires a keyboard so is for Windows only
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